We’re the Millers (2013)

Director R.M. Thurber did an excellent job in setting out a clear cut premise, featuring an even more interesting cast and most importantly some solid humor. Continue reading


American Reunion (2012)

The new movie in the American Pie series is a real mess as it desperately tries to stay true to the effective formula that made the series so popular in the first place. Continue reading

Yes Man (2008)

Directed by Peyton Reed | Year 2008 Based on the autobiographic bestseller written by Danny Wallace, Yes Man is exactly the type of movie you expect. If you are a Jim Carrey hater, this movie is worse than the noisy-popcorn-munching person … Continue reading

Grown Ups

Grown Ups Movie PosterDennis Dugan | 2010

An old group of friends make a movie about an old group friends. That’s basically what Grown Ups is about. Familiar names such as Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock and Rob Schneider unfortunately were not able to do this successfully. Lacking intelligent jokes in the first place is not a big issue for a comedy. However Grown Ups even lacks a fair number of successful jokes. They are lame and above all the timing does not work out.

The movie starts with one of those lame flashbacks: a basketball game, five friends and an ambitious coach. Thirty years later the friends have grown apart, obviously, as they lead entirely different lives. The coach has died, how sad – and this serves as a reunion. The ‘fun’ can really start with the 5 stereotypical characters.

You can call Adam Sandler the pure fruit of comedy movies. The comedy genre has turned him into the star he is nowadays. Somehow, though, he has lost his magical touch. The scenario for Grown Ups is down to earth, lazy and not creative at all. This has affected the entire movie, because the only factor that makes a comedy great is the scenario… well, which is in this case a weak one.

The bad timing of the jokes is a huge problem. One can see jokes coming from a mile away. Moreover, these jokes have been poorly executed into the storyline creating only clichés. Perhaps the only good thing in Grown Ups was Steve Buscemi’s epic showdown.

It is unbelievable that such an amazing cast of wonderful and funny actors could have messed this up. I really would not recommend Grown Ups to anyone as it’s purely a waste of time.


Top 10 Movies of 2012

First of all, I would like to wish you movie fanatics a merry Christmas and also a Happy New Year in advance! I have good news. This is the first time I have compiled a list of the ten best movies in 2012 for Elemental Reviews. To be honest, when it comes down to compiling a ‘best of’ list I am not very good at it. Every movie has its own strong points and its own weak parts, so listing them would not be fair as some of the movies have nothing in common. I have put these kind of thoughts behind me and I am glad to be able to present to you Elemental Reviews’ Top 10 Movies of 2012,  even though not all of them have been reviewed here. After all, listing remains extremely subjective – so my Christmas presents to y’all: one themed review each day until the second of January. Have fun and enjoy the holidays. Continue reading


“We better start doing stupid shit!” The dirtiest and funniest teddy of the year wastes no time and spares no one. No girl is safe for him. No boy wants to be with him. John is the only exception. Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, has truly outdone himself with this debut.

When he was 8, John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg, I know I know!) got his teddy named Ted. John was a loner and so he wished Ted could talk. You know: nothing is more powerful than the sole wish of a little boy. TED… it was alive! Thirty years later John and Ted have become exemplified soul mates. Girls love them, boys fear them.

What struck me while watching Ted was how accurately it had been filmed. After all it is a comedy and we would expect lame dialogues and even lamer scenes, right? Adults with teddy bears, what is so fun about that? Not a single thing. But MacFarlane managed to create something exceptional out of nothing. The over sexed Ted is nothing compared to the various dialogues, over sexed as never heard before. Even the dirtiest minds will be impressed.

Casting the lovely Mila Kunis is another difference in Ted in comparison to other comedy movies. Her role supports the great variation between the scenes and the funny reactions to Ted’s comments.

For a comedy Ted has done an outstanding job. Of course, the story doesn’t make sense and there a dozens of plot holes – but that’s not what’s important here. The dynamic relation between the interesting, yet somewhat mysterious, characters plus MacFarlane’s years of experience in the branch has made Ted one of the best comedies I have watched in a long, long time. You should definitely check it out!

Rating: C+