Top 10 Favorite The Matrix (1999) Moments

The Matrix (poster)

Directed by The Wachowskis

Go back in time. It’s been almost fifteen years since The Matrix premiered worldwide and it still holds up as one of the greatest movies ever made. Normally, I would write a review and tell you why I found it to be so great in the first place, but in this case I think it’s more than obvious why. Therefore, without further ado, let me show you what my favorite moments are. Let me know if you agree with my selection or would have rather seen another moment picked.

10. I know Kung Fu

Soon after Neo is freed from the Matrix, he and Morpheus decide to do some epic training. Neo is simply a few clicks away of learning anything: the virtual reality, being some kind of Matrix itself, can easily bend reality. It’s only a matter of downloading what you want and what you need. The saying ‘I know Kung Fu’ and many similar sayings have also been used in other movies and series — take for instance the finale of NBC’s Chuck. This scene is without doubt one of the most memorable scenes in history and it’s one of my favorites for being so awesome.

9. I’m going to show them a world without you

The whole Matrix Trilogy is a neatly structured saga and tells the story of Neo aka The Chosen One in an effective format: his birth, his life and his death. The ending to The Matrix couldn’t have been done any better to be honest. Neo coldly declares the war on the machines: he does that through the audience which give a chilling effect. And that’s why I liked this moment so much. Also, I must mention the fact that when Neo sees everything in Matrix code, the movie really opens up its possibilities: there are no boundaries in The Matrix.

8. Stop trying to hit me and hit me
8 (the matrix)

There are many fight scenes included in the film which makes it rather impossible to pick out a favorite. Yet, Morpheus’ charisma can’t be denied. His fight with Neo has set an example for even the fighting sequences we see in the movies today. A huge part of the credit goes to the film’s martial arts choreographer Yuen Woo-ping who was hired by the Wachowskis after they had seen his action choreography work in Fist of Legend (1994), a classic if you like martial arts movies. The main reason I liked this sequence is because it wasn’t only ‘good fighting’, but so many other elements such as good effective filmmaking and camerawork collided at this point: it was one of those scenes that filled me with awe, especially if you realize the movie is from 1999.

7. Welcome to the desert of the real
7 (the matrix)

At this point in the movie, things take a rather interesting turn as the audience is presented with the idea that reality is far from us. This daunting idea is perfectly conveyed through Morpheus. The line has even inspired some professors in the field of philosophy to name their book on The Matrix and reality as such. What makes the scene even scarier is the fact that Morpheus comfortably leans back in his big chair while the world is no less than utter chaos.

6. Woah 
6 (the matrix)

Everything is possible in The Matrix if only can set his mind towards the task. Morpheus demonstrates this by jumping an insane distance from one skyscraper to another. And it’s Neo’s priceless reaction that makes this moment worthwhile. This is still the Neo who is a rookie and his reactions to the possibilities are golden.

5. I’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes
5 (the matrix)

I think it’s more than obvious that Morpheus has some of the best lines in the movie. This moment proves that statement very well. I mean, look at the camera angle and the reflection of Morpheus’ symbolic shades. It’s the red pill versus the blue pill. And even though we already know what Neo chooses, Morpheus is determined to give Neo a choice in the first place.  

4. You’re still gonna burn
4 (the matrix)

The Matrix is obviously filled with tons of surprises and this is one of them. I don’t think Cypher was necessarily a villain: he merely was a means to an end for the Smiths. However, he totally deserved what was coming for him and Tank beautifully phrased it.

3. Dodge this
3 (the matrix)

Frankly, I wanted to give this the number one spot on the list, because the scene is epic in every way you look at it. Trinity is such a badass female character and her scenes with the Agents are beyond awesome. Moreover, the camera angle of this shot was another highlight of the scene. Again, it looks like the audience is supposed to be the machines as Trinity is in fact shooting us right in the head. And: her gun is so big…. okay, that sounded wrong, but you get the idea.

2. How about I give you the finger, and you give me my phonecall
2 (the matrix)

This scene totally deserves the second spot. Compared to other scenes, it lacks a lot of characteristic Matrix stuff, but I loved Neo’s blank face while he was giving Agent Smith the finger. Perhaps I’m the only one who enjoys some dry wit, but this was the perfect example. Agent Smith’s face afterwards was so darn good…partly because he knew he had the situation under control of course. It couldn’t get more sinister than that.

1. The bullet time: Neo vs Agent
1 (the matrix)

Above anything else, The Matrix is known for its outstanding visual effects. The bullet time introduced in the film has been set to great purpose: Neo swiftly manoeuvring his way past bullets is not only my most favorite moment, but it also is objectively the most memorable one. Even though the bullet time technique has also been used in the fight scene between Neo and Smith, this one impressed me a lot more because it’s such a classic.

* * *

There are many other moments in The Matrix that deserve a spot on this list. Take for instance the scene when Neo discovers he can bend the spoon (after the kid tells him), the almighty Oracle who questions Neo’s motives for what the future brings or when the burning question’s raised of how the machines knew what food tastes like. In short, there are perhaps too many great moments to add. Nevertheless, don’t let that stop you from telling me what your favorite moments are and whether you agree with my picks.


19 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite The Matrix (1999) Moments

  1. This was one of those movies for me that was awesome to watch that first time… I mean it was some amazing fighting scenes and all that they could do since none of it was real… but I just never felt the urge to watch it again… I can’t really say why… it’s just one of those things…

    • I think it’s probably because the movie makes a clear point — one you won’t forget easily. On top of that, it also adds some of the most memorable scenes in movie history ever (e.g the bullet time). I recognize many similar techniques in movies (and series) nowadays and they all remind me of the one and only Matrix.

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