Disconnect (2012)

Disconnect Movie Poster

Directed by Henry Alex Rubin

Let me be honest straight away: I did not expect Disconnect to be this good even though I was aware of the fact that it had been officially selected by prestigious international film festivals in Toronto and Venice. In fact, I am blown away by what this movie has achieved. With surprisingly good performances and a gripping soundtrack by Max Richter, debuting director Henry A. Rubin takes the audience on a phenomenal journey through the lives of ordinary families and people who happen to be connected in some way or another. Disconnect is an excellent character study of how one thing can lead to another in the modern ‘wired’ society we live in.

Unlike your regular drama, the movie looks like a random compilation of life stories. That does not take away the depressing effect it creates. The modern world comes with a lot of benefits, just think about it.  Disconnect illustrates how our connected lives through social media or other online social platforms can become harmful by the misuse of our personal information and trust in the people we meet online. This is one of those issues which has been continuously hitting the news lately. The fact that the various subplots are in some form based on true stories makes it all the more interesting to watch this movie and learn the lesson.

The film is only a collection of thought-provoking segments about the unfortunate lives of some. The way it connects all of this to reach a coherent structure is why it’s such a powerful movie. Its technicalities are imaginative and original. The camera work for instance is something I don’t usually pay attention to, but I had to make an exception this time.

Disconnect is a long way from the standard trite drama as it finds complex problems within the simplest of actions. The rich cast has been primarily filed up debuting actors like the director, but don’t let anyone’s standing name prevent you from watching this fascinating production. And not to forget, there is  some Alexander Skarsgård action included as well. Connect the dots yourself.



3 thoughts on “Disconnect (2012)

  1. I haven’t even heard of this before but sure seems interesting. Michael Nyqvist is a big favourite of mine and the plot looks fascinating enough, so yeah, I’ll be keeping my eyes open for this one. Great review, Niejan!

    • Go for it, because you’ll probably like it. 🙂 Nyqvist didn’t get to play the big bad (unfortunately), but he is impressive as always. Thanks Elina.

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