Teen Wolf Wednesday: Motel California

Teen Wolf (banner)Teen Wolf took the Vacancy (2007) route of storytelling this week – only now, our local boy scouts were about to commit suicide. Each of them trapped in their own nightmare, “Motel California” wasn’t the usual type of episode as it even included a glimpse of some dark druid or Death itself. Indeed, it was all about horror this week. Before we get into it, I wanted to say that there won’t be a TWW until early August as I will be going on vacation.

We continued last week’s episode as the kids found themselves stranded in a middle in the middle of nowhere. Given the title Motel California, you’d expect there are so many things wrong with this place and the teaser proved that too. The producers really need to start working on the teasers to make it more relatable to the actual storyline instead of tying the knots somewhere in the end with Grandpa Kanima and his brother.

Honestly I did not like “Motel California” at all. It all looked way too familiar and thus predictable. I mean, why didn’t Boyd die? That would be good fun, believe me. However, this episode also featured one of the best Teen Wolf scenes ever. And guess who starred in the scene? Stiles that is! He shared a touching moment with Scott as he was about to light himself up. Their monologues reflected so much and it was all very emotional. All in all, I think that scene saved this week’s episode from being a total bust.

#SherlockStiles solving the case...

#SherlockStiles solving the case…

Finally Mr Argent is in the game too. With his knowledge that his uncle had been bitten by THE DEMON WOLF (aka Dukey Boy), his only task is to protect Allison and fight the Alpha Pack. How heroic of him. Speaking of heroism, did you see the #SherlockStiles hashtag fly across your TV screen too? Obviously, all the spotlights are on Stiles now… and we like it! I did not quite get, by the way, why Stiles and Allison saved twin Ethan? That move made the Alpha pack seem like a smaller threat compared to the dark druid sacrifices.

Throughout the episode, we watched Ms. Blake get her groove on for Derek and we saw Ethan and Danny making out passionately. There are so many things wrong with the Ms. Blake and Derek relationship that I spare you naming them, but the two do have chemistry. I mean, what does it say about Ms. Blake when she is more than ready to sleep with a werewolf who is covered in black blood?

All in all, this episode wasn’t what I’d hoped for, but it certainly was an enjoyable one. As usual the explanations didn’t make sense at all, but no worries, because this is Teen Wolf, right? Anyhow, I will see you all in  August, take care and happy Teen Wolf watching these coming weeks!

  • Do the kids have finally conquered the dark druid’s sacrifices and brought an end to it all?
  • No click-clack-click-clack this week.. hooray!
  • How great were the Isaac and Stiles scenes this week, huh?!
Teen Wolf 3x6

Credits to Price Peterson (TV.com)


5 thoughts on “Teen Wolf Wednesday: Motel California

    • Very well observed LOL. I just found it a very strange scene… I mean, couldn’t she wait till he was cleaned up? I’m guessing this means she likes it dirty and rough right. 😀

      • Haha, I think dirty and rough is probably the only way to play it with Derek! I found that scene quite erotic, despite thinking the Derek and Ms Blake pairing is utterly ridiculous!

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