True Blood Tuesday: Well, Guess What?!

True BloodNow, that was one of the best and most unexpected episode endings in television history! True Blood has always been about the cliffhangers, but this week’s reveal was awkwardly mysterious and original in every way. That’s right, do you smell the blood? It’s time for some True Blood Tuesday fun. Let’s bite right into this riveting episode. I will have to warn you though: major spoilers ahead!

With a fitting title, “At Last” proves once again that True Blood is on its way to make everything better. Not many people liked season five and the first few episodes of season six disappointed too, but just as I mentioned last week, True Blood stands firmly on solid ground. Ben is Warlow! Tell me, did you see that coming? I secretly hoped it would be Rutger Hauer’s character, the fairy grandpa, but now that he’s been expelled someplace else, his purpose until now is a questionable move. Was he only needed for his ‘wits’ to bring Ben aka the hybrid to Sookie’s home or is there more to his story this season? I’m hoping it will be the second one, because I’d definitely like to see some more Hauer. His scenes with Ryan Kwanten’s character Jason as the two were about to hunt down Ben in his motel room created some hilariously exciting moments. Their onscreen chemistry has been one of the best things this season had to offer so far.

Speaking about good things, what happened to our dear friend Alcide? His turn from the friendly wolf to the raging Packmaster hasn’t been a highlight really. His character development doesn’t interest me no longer, but I guess I’m still waiting for him and his pack to get involved in the war between vamps and humans.

Back to Warlow, shall we. How didn’t Grandpa Niall recognize Ben as Warlow and what happened to Ben’s scary looks? Something told me from this episode that we need not worry about Ben / Warlow (should we start calling him Barlow?!). He didn’t kill Jason when he had the chance and he even spared Jason’s Grandpa. Furthermore, he refrained from any surprise attacks while he was hanging out with Sookie and instead got himself into a real situation. What a date that was.

Barlow Revealed...

Barlow Revealed…

Long story short, Warlow is Lilith’s progeny. According to Nora’s ramblings from the Vampire Bible, only the progeny has the power to stop Lilith. Unfortunately for Bill and Jessica (and Bellefleur), their plan is of no use. I think Bill was created to fight off Warlow and if Warlow kills Bill, then Lilith will be gone for good. That sounds logical as we haven’t been really introduced to a Lilith character, save the bloody female figure.

I quite enjoyed “At Last” and I am already looking forward to how next week’s episode will unfold. There won’t be any TBT for next week as I’m on vacation, but I will publish all the TBT recaps and reviews on a later moment. I will leave with a few interesting points, as usual. See you.

  • Worst season six storyline: Terry versus Alcide versus Sam? Honestly, I’d go for Sam. What is he doing, really?!
  • Sarah and Truman are officially a couple. I had to see that one coming! Anyhow, I’m more than glad Sarah’s back to doing what she does best.
  • Eric’s new progeny made some good acting 101 come true. The confrontation between Truman and his daughter was shockingly familiar. I like how things are getting more complicated with every new episode.
She couldn't control herself...

She couldn’t control herself…


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