Top Four Movies for the Fourth of July

Getting in the spirit of Independence Day is an easy task. All you need is a long weekend, perhaps a vacation, and definitely lots of lazy time with friends and family, but let’s not forget one thing here: patriotic movies do the trick! So make sure you take time to settle down and choose a solid and fun movie to watch. Here is a top four Fourth of July flicks to help you along the way.

Born on the Fourth of July (featured)

4. Born on the Fourth of July (1989)

This is one of my favorite all time Tom Cruise movies. It is a somewhat unusual patriotic movie as its premise is based on the true story of Ron Kovic whose ideals are about far more than only fighting to make America a better and stronger nation. Worth watching.

Jaws (1975)

3. Jaws (1975)

If you haven’t seen Jaws, then you have really missed out on something big! Stop what you’re doing right now, and go after this original thriller by Spielberg. Even if you have seen it a hundred times alread (like me), this thriller is the perfect throwback for a nice long weekend.

Independence Day (1996)

2. Independence Day (1996)

The first movie-related person I think of when hearing the words Fourth of July is definitely director Roland Emmerich… and a bit Will Smith. Even the President himself is included in all the action. This makes Independence Day the ultimate action movie which you definitely need to watch. Light’em up will ya.

The Patriot (2000)
1. The Patriot (2000)

The name gives it away… including the one and only Emmerich. Even though the movie is in some parts historically inaccurate and it may look too patriotic, the immerse story of the American Revolution has been told exceptionally well in The Patriot. It is one of the Revolutionary War movies there is and moreover, it arguable is Mel Gibson’s best modern performances. I really enjoyed this one, but if you can’t handle the historically inaccurate parts, I recommend you watch Independence Day instead.

There you have it, my list of Top Four movies for the Fourth of July. Even though I don’t celebrate Independence Day myself, I know these movies very well and they fit the general description of patriotic movies perfectly well. If you are more into the classics, then you should check out this list. I’m sure that some of my choices may look controversial, so feel free to share your top four (or more) movies for the Fourth of July with me.


5 thoughts on “Top Four Movies for the Fourth of July

  1. So glad you put Independence Day up there. It’s one of Emmerich’s decent movies and features alien-eradicating Will Smith who occasionally talks about a fat lady (?)

    • Yeah me too, with his latest movie (WHD) being such a bust, it’s good to look to better times. And Will Smith was just wonderful in Independence Day… “I ain’t heard no fat lady!” is one of my favorite lines. 🙂

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