Teen Wolf Wednesday: Frayed XXL

Teen Wolf (banner)Is it Wednesday already? Oh yes it is Wednesday! Welcome back for another round of TWW. Let’s start recapping and reviewing the latest episode of Teen Wolf right away.

This week the writers had clearly taken another approach to how the story would eventually unfold. In the style of Memento (2000), “Frayed” started off by informing the audience that our dear Derek had died… or not. While a new technique of storytelling had been employed, the episode pretty much stayed incoherent as usual. It’s a good thing that only this time things were rather interesting to follow. In fact, I think “Frayed” is one of Teen Wolf’s best episodes up until now. Here goes to more episodes like this one!

There were some really good moments going on. The much-anticipated showdown between Duke’s pack and Derek’s gang took finally place as Scott was flashbacking to the exact causes that led Derek fall to his ‘death’. As I have mentioned several times in earlier recaps, things aren’t logical at all in Teen Wolf, so one needs to focus on how the story develops only. I found it strange, though, that this new character Cora was fitting in with the rest of the characters so smoothly. What’s up with her? She’s got not much of story which makes her an extremely flat character (even for a show like Teen Wolf). Other than that, I liked how Scott and Allison are (slowly) getting back together and that Allison might also be interested in Isaac. This creates the perfect love triangle opportunity which I believe this show hasn’t had before.

Hands down the best scene in “Frayed” goes to yet another appearance of MRS ARGENT! I thought she would be motivating Allison to let Scott die, but it appeared as if the evil Mrs Argent had never existed. I didn’t really care, because it was such an emotional moment and definitely the type of acting skills Teen Wolf should stick with.

Stiles: We shouldn’t have come. I knew it. We shouldn’t have come. 
Scott: We had to. There’s safety in numbers.
Stiles: Well, there’s also death in numbers. It’s called a massacre. A bloodbath. Carnage. Slaughter. Butchery. Wow.

The episode ended with Duke killing one of his own pack members. I KNEW IT. It would be only sensible for him to kill every one of his Alpha pack as he would absorb all their powers, right? And so he did while the mysterious vet just remained staring at him. With Duke getting greedy, it might be a good time to get some insight into their characters.

Even though not much was revealed this week, save the shocking but relieving ending scene, “Frayed” remained a solid episode. I am only wondering what will come up next in the longterm with the dark druids storyline. Anyway, as usual I am going to leave with a few fun points.

  • The toenail scraping of that alpha… When will it stop? The click, clack, click, clack is still echoing through my head.
  • Nothing about the teacher or the dark druid….. weird.
  • Stiles and Coach compensated for not much of Isaac this week. Did you see Stiles’ evil face?! That was one helluva camera shot!

Teen Wolf 3x05


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