True Blood Tuesday: Vampire Charm

True BloodTime flies when you are having fun. Who said that again? Anyway, before we really start recapping “You’re No Good”, I must mention how radically this show has changed over the years. Do you still remember the pilot which featured a handsome and mysterious new vampire who would eventually seduce the young and frail girl? Those were the times, weren’t they?! And just like the early episodes, True Blood went back and served a story this week  featuring various elements which made the show successful in the first place. It is more than likely the coming episodes will head in another direction due to an exiting showrunner, but I’m glad to see that the foundations for this season have been laid out pretty well. There are still some points to consider, but generally speaking, True Blood is on the right track. Let’s get right to it then.

This week’s episode was all about how vampires exploited their charms. I mean, is there really no end to Jessica Hamby’s sexual bewitchery? And what about Eric Northman? He looked finger lickin’ good as ever as Willa Burrell found herself sharing a ‘finger licking’ moment with the one and only Eric. I guess she’s a very lucky girl. And so was the professor… or not.

We finally got answers this week. Bill’s vision of all of his vampire friends burning made him connect the dots and come to the conclusion that he will be able to walk under the sun. I almost wanted to believe him, but that’s just it! With vampires coexisting with the humans in the daylight may be the only road to salvation. As there are no Vampire Diaries witches living in Bon Temps with the ability of crafting daytime rings for the vampires, the producers have finally come to a nearly scientific solution to all the current vampire problems. Bill seemed to find a way of synthesizing a new brand of True Blood which would contain synthesized fairy-blood as well. The whole Sookie and Bill scene proved to be useless after all, because Bill had found some other fairies in town: Andy’s girls!

Although I appreciate all the information, I think that the producers wouldn’t have needed to jumble up so many storylines in season 5 in order to cause the events now. It has been a confusing ride up until now, but now that things are getting clearer, the new showrunner should stick with the primary subplots and involve every character. What is the use of Alcide’s new pack for example? And how about Sam’s role in all this? Or the Warlow / new fairy guy storyline? Readers of the book already know what great things lie ahead for the characters, but this should not let the producers deviate from a few solid storylines this season.

I can barely remember the last time I wasn’t in danger. Danger, it’s a fact of life for me. — Sookie

There is, however, a big competition of scenes going on. With the return of Sarah Newlin’s character (OMG) and Holly Clearly, things are definitely getting spiced up… like with Jason for instance. Oh, I am looking forward to that, but Jason apparently is not as he abruptly fell to the ground. That was one of the weirdest concussions I have seen and it makes me wonder if Jason is going to die this season, but I stay by my choice that it’s gonna be vampire Bill.

Other than that the ending could have been done a lot better, True Blood has finally arrived on solid ground and I am really looking forward to what’s coming next. See you all next week.


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