True Blood Tuesday: Biting Back

True BloodGuess what’s up for Tuesdays? That’s right: True Blood Tuesday, the weekly recap & review feature. Now, I have changed quite a few things about the feature to make sure it appeals to everyone. Say bye-bye to a bit of commentary from my part and hello to the new sections Bloody Quotes and Tru Tweets. 

In this latest episode, “The Sun”, we discovered a lot and things became more clear while staying as vague as they were or perhaps even vaguer than they were — if that’s even possible. One thing is for sure though: the humans are biting back in the fictitious world where supernatural creatures have become part of the natural order. However, if it’s up to Governor Burrell, vampires have no rights at all and therefore can be killed / tortured / fill in as humans wish. Thanks to new technology, probably developed by the Japanese, humans are able to resist vampire glamoring and can shoot the crap out of them with their awesome, but terrifying new rifles. So far, it’s a draw in the relatively silent and surprisingly local war that’s raging between the two species. Indeed, man’s capacity to create cruel circumstances just like the ‘dirty bloodsuckers’ has been well documented by the producers this season. We also were reminded that not all vampires are as normal as our locals Eric, Tara and Pam.

Credits: Lily Sparks (

Credits: Lily Sparks (

Nevertheless, already being six seasons into True Blood, the producers still manage to scare the living dailights out of me sometimes. And that’s a fairly reasonable achievement. The way Bill drained that woman was so unexpected. I mean, I feared something like that would happen, but really, who makes these things up?! I am glad we got know more about Bill’s god complex anyhow. The scene with Bill walking under the sun wasn’t very clear as to where it was set, but it really has shown that there’s still hope for his character. Seeing the future is another great perk (which I’m not too fond of to use a plot device, but hey, if it works, it works just fine!). We already know that one major character is going to die this season and I’m guessing it will be vampire Bill. It’s just ridiculous how much screentime he has had in simply two episodes. And with him knowing the future, he may be able to prevent it at the cost of his own life perhaps. We’ll find out, so let’s stop speculating right here.

Bill's vision. Can he prevent this from happening?!

Bill’s vision. Can he prevent this from happening?!

Over at Merlotte’s, Sookie was obviously nowhere to be found. She just had too much to deal with. How about randomly meeting stranger fairies in the bushes? Oh yeah, that’s the Sookie we know. LOL. I must say I like the newly introduced fairy, but he’s got something about him. You know, like he’s working with Warlow or something. Wouldn’t it by the way be so cool if Warlow and Bilith get an ultimate vampire showdown? Warlow is most certainly the tyrant Lilith spoke about to Bill and according to Nora’s vampire bible light and day must collide their salvation. I’m sure it will all work out fine before our local gang burns under the sun.

Bloody Quotes

Sugar, this is Bon Temps. Down here organic means you play the fancy piano at church. — Arlene

Evening Miss Burrell. Why don’t you invite me in? — Eric

I suppose they were trying to survive. Those baby vampires.. like the whooping crane. — Eric

True Blood (s06e02) | Eric

Credits Tumblr.

This season is so far still really jumbled up, but the some of the scenes are just gold. Obviously Eric redeemed this week’s episode with some fantastic dialogues and the ending. What about the ending? With Eric flying up to window was a classic portrayal of a vampire luring you and grasping you, something hidden in our darkest fantasies. It was more than that though: “The Sun” took me back to the early seasons and it was finally the episode of True Blood I was looking forward to. Here’s some points to consider for next week:

  • What’s the use of showing us the future if it can’t be changed eh? Smart thinking that is.
  • The scene with Lilith and Bill in the sun…. Now I am really shaking my head.
  • The new fairy guy and Sookie don’t fit all. I kinda hate the dude so far.
  • ALCIDE… Whut happened with our good friend?! If I were Sam, I would be lying in the ICU already! That punch was OUCH!
  • Totally like Rutger Hauer’s portrayal of Sookie and Jason’s granddad.
  • Jessica’s ‘prayer’ to Bill made the episode complete. It’s got it all.
Tru Tweets

See you all next week. Peace out.


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