Teen Wolf Wednesday: Hunted

Teen Wolf (banner)Welcome back to a new edition of Teen Wolf Wednesday, the weekly feature where I review & recap the latest Teen Wolf season three episode. The third episode from the third season, eccentrically titled “Fireflies”, has clearly shown us that the show still can go in all directions. This unpredictability can be arguably considered to be confusing, but nonetheless stays Teen Wolf’s handle throughout its episodes. Whether you like it or not, Teen Wolf makes sure nothing goes down unnoticed. Let’s delve right into it.

Boy, oh, boy, I can ramble all day long about what happened during “Fireflies”. The story didn’t progress as rapidly as we are used to from Teen Wolf, but there was a lot going on under the surface. The episode kicked off with Boyd showing off his true beastly face to some kids. He was about to attack the two kids who were capturing fireflies when Scott silently came sweeping in. That was simply stunning to see. The very moment of Scott saving the kids without Boyd realizing made him look like a real fool and made me laugh all lonely to my television screen. LOL. Did you guys by the way know that Boyd is his last name and Vernon is his first? Good to know.

Boyd is loose!

Things were really getting serious in town. Apparently, Lydia found a dead body (exactly the type of things you expect Lydia to find) which looked like it had been killed by a werewolf attack. With the police knowing absolutely nothing, it was good old Stiles who came to do all the investigative work. He’s really good at it. Sheriff Stilinski Junior sounds absolutely top-notch to me. Anyway, Scott immediately turned to Mr Argent for Hunter Class 101. World’s favorite dad basically made the werewolves into hunters. As Peter Hale put it, “the hunted becomes the hunter”, I really liked Mr Argent’s voice-over while he was teaching all the nifty principles on how to track and hunt down a werewolf, or in this case two werewolves. Let’s not forget Derek’s sister… and Isaac’s car scene with Derek. That was the typical ‘your sister is hot’ thing, but Isaac made it much more than that.

The producers could have easily named this episode “Butterflies” as we saw Isaac and Allison have a (brief) moment. From the looks on their faces (and the preview for next week’s episode), is Teen Wolf finally ready for a proper love triangle?! Also, this episode finally featured some great acting in Teen Wolf history. When Stiles recognized the dead body to be his ‘virgin’ friend, his mood radically changed to a Stiles we don’t see very often. That was some great acting from Dylan O’Brien and I’m hoping we will see more of it in the future.


“Fireflies” was a special, funny, sad, Teen Wolf-styled episode which gave lots of things away and at the same time raised a series of important questions. Those virgin sacrifices somehow reminded me of all the sacrifices in The Vampire Diaries (as this show proves to have more similar things to TVD) and it was plain creepy. Unrealistic as it may seem, Miss Blake was still working at school while Derek made an end to Boyd and his sister. It was enjoyable to see some scenes speak for themselves rather than weird dialogues (especially the one with Peter stepping away from the bushes!). And it’s good to see that Miss Blake the teacher serves a somewhat higher purpose than only teaching at Beacon Hills as she now knows Scott’s secret. As always, I’m going to leave with a few points of discussion / excitement on my part and I will see you all next week. Peace out.

  • What were all the sacrifices for? Someone wanna raise hell?!
  • More should be done with Peter Hale, like turning good I mean.
  • I’m still curious about the vet (even though he didn’t appear this week) and I’ve almost given up hope that anything will be revealed about him.

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