True Blood Tuesday: Identity Crisis

True BloodAh, the smell of fresh blood…True Blood that is. Welcome to yet another weekly feature called True Blood Tuesday, or as I’d like to call it TBT. This is a recap & review feature, so beware of spoilers and stop reading beyond this point if you haven’t watched the show. HBO’s True Blood has been running for quite some time now. It has already started to its sixth season and things are getting pretty intense, especially after season five’s spellbinding finale. Sunday’s premiere, called “Who Are You, Really”, picked up directly where we left off at the end of season five. Setting the tone for the entire season, the premiere promises many interesting developments even with the absence of mastermind and creator of the series Alan Ball. It was a good premiere, subtly put. However, I felt I was watching some other show. Where were Pam’s great oneliners? Why did this episode feature so many dialogue between the characters? And who is Bill Compton really? Not much happened: major questions were left unanswered as the premiere concluded similar to the season 5 finale.

The episode kicked off with ‘Bloody’ Bill’s return from the dead as Bilith. Logically, Eric and Sookie made sure to get out of there. It was funny to see a somewhat scared and concerned vampire Eric running down the corridors of the one and only Vampire Authority which later on was blown to bits. Good fun.

Bilith before taking off...

Bilith before taking off…

With Jason going nuts by his want to avenge his parents, the entire gang obviously couldn’t keep itself from driving in one car. His threats to kill Nora made him ultimately leave the others and walk into the night all alone. It was exactly what I expected from his character psyche. Jason is the kind of character who always is kept on the extremes. He is either fighting off vampires or ‘making love’ to them. I like how that gives him so many purposes throughout the story.

One cannot simply prevent the impossible. Especially Jessica was reminded by this truth as her heart was squeezed together so she would go to her creator. And that made absolutely things more confusing than ever. Bill was back to his normal self from the looks of it, but he clearly wasn’t the Bill we used to know. Who is Lilith or Bilith anyway? One thing is for sure: he is stronger than Eric and Nora combined! That ought to be a start. Nevertheless, the red shake he drank obviously has changed his mentality as well. I’m not too glad on seeing him become this villain. He better be doing some useful things like finding Warlow and helping Sookie. It may sound illogical, but why not? Bill’s had much more Sookie blood than Lilith blood in his system.

Another uncomfortable scene was the death of Luna in the VERY beginning. I know we all saw it coming, but she really deserved better. What’s up with all these awfully timed television deaths lately? Speaking about timing, did we finally get a glimpse of Warlow in the car with Jason or was that another fairy? Either way, he was creepy as hell. Ten points to Rutger Hauer for his portrayal. So far, so good excellent. Same goes for Governor Burrell. His speech was golden as he convincingly made clear of how the vampires were looked upon by the public. This is why I love True Blood. Even though it’s about vampires, witches and werewolves, it still manages to set all these new species in a clear black and white contrast to humans in society.

I’m hoping we will get more details about Bill next week. He talks like himself, but behaves like he’s gonna explode. Other than that, I will leave you with a few things to consider.

  • The word is out that season 6 will feature the death of a major character. My bet is on Bill. Who do you think will it be?
  • Well, Andy’s kids are cuties, but they certainly know how to scare their daddy!
  • Did you enjoy our good friend Alcide, butt-nacked and drunk with power, this episode?!
  • Reminder: the show will get a new showrunner (again!) after three episodes into this season.

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