Teen Wolf Wednesday: Deadly Memories

Teen Wolf (banner)Welcome back to TWW, the weekly feature in which I review & recap the latest episode in Teen Wolf’s season 3. There is a lot to talk about “Chaos Rising”, the second episode this season, as it gave away huge chunks of info and details of plot arcs yet to happen. Apparently, Derek has a loft. Stiles is the unluckiest guy in the entire universe. And Isaac worked out?! Okay, let’s start.

Just like the pilot, “Chaos Rising” began with our two favorite gangs driving and walking around in town. Only this time Allison needed Scott to unravel the mystery of the two arm wounds. With all the mystery, we switched back scenes to what looked like a birthday party Stiles and Scott were invited to. ALERT: Beacon Hills got more than one high school! Good to know since Stiles hooked up with the birthday girl…in the  wine cellar. How exotic. That makes me love this show even more. The scene transitions are pretty wicked and unexpected. I mean, one time we are all threatened by the existing danger of an Alpha pack in town and the next thing we know is that we are with Stiles who is looking for a pack of condoms and finally finds an XXL-pack. Bad thing his girl went missing though… unlucky guys stay unlucky.

Anyhow, that principle didn’t go for Peter, the big bad from earlier seasons. Back from the dead, Peter proved to more than useful this episode. By the way, what’s up with the Hale family and Stiles? First Derek and now Peter, our guy Stiles can turn any talk into a very, very awkward one, love me some Stiles.

Credits to TV.com (Price Peterson)

Credits to TV.com (Price Peterson)

At Werewolf HQ, the gang decided to bring Isaac into a trance-like state by extremely cooling down his body temperature after Peter’s methods didn’t work. Didn’t anyone find it odd that Isaac went into the water with his jeans on? Anyway, mystery doctor man did his job and Isaac revealed everything he saw when he spent some time with the Alpha pack. Biggest surprise? Erica is dead. She is gone. What a shame to kill off her character like THAT, not even a glorious death by all means how you define ‘glorious’. Let’s all take a minute to remember Erica Reyes.

Teen Wolf (Erica)This episode also featured some great scenes in the classroom. I must admit that unlike The Vampire Diaries where the classroom scenes are plain boring stuff, Teen Wolf does an excellent job in delivering the most original scenes. Although they are sometimes unnecessary, some part of it always returns back, like risk and reward. Ten points to Scott for knowing that. His change in attitude is a good overall change to his character development and I really hope the producers do something useful with it. Like his werewolf abilities make him smarter than ever. Wouldn’t that be fun.

Not to forget, I keep reading a lot about the twins this season but frankly they aren’t THAT charming, are they? It will be so hilarious to see Lydia and Danny’s faces when they find out the twins can morph into one werewolf brute. Speaking about faces, Allison’s didn’t look too happy when she found Erica’s dead body in the closet and Derek and Scott’s looked terrified after watching Boyd and Derek’s lost sister go wild. Thanks to Allison they can now go wild in Beacon Hills.

I’m disappointed this week we didn’t learn much about the Alpha pack and their ferocious Alpha leader, but Teen Wolf wants to keep things tight and sometimes a bit too horror-like, so I’m sure it will work out just fine. Leaving you with a few things, as always:

  • What was Lydia’s scream about? Great ending scene though…LOL
  • This Alpha from the new pack really needs to start wearing shoes. I’m serious.
  • Don’t even think about insulting Mrs Argent, world’s best mom, or she will back from the dead! Still bummed about that.

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