Teen Wolf Wednesday: All is ephemeral


Welcome to Teen Wolf Wednesday, or in short TWW. Teen Wolf season 3 has started. I’ve set aside Wednesdays to review and recap the latest Teen Wolf episode which airs every Monday on MTV. I will certainly review the show’s seasons 1 and 2 in the coming weeks, but for now let’s delve into Teen Wolf’s season premiere, titled “Tattoo”.

If you aren’t familiar with the series, then you’re in for quite a treat. It’s about an eccentric high school teen who gets bitten by a werewolf and consequently turns into one. Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) inherits the perks of being a werewolf, but he also comes face to face with the enemies that come along with it. What I like about the show in general is that it doesn’t pretend to be more than it really is. It’s got a consistent story with interesting characters who have funny and intense relationships, that’s all. Nevertheless, Jeff Davis who is the creator of the series, has done an outstanding job in bringing out all these factors on your TV screen. Its intended audience is primarily high school teenagers, just like The Vampire Diaries, but let me warn you right now: Teen Wolf is above all things wicked as logic doesn’t exist in the world of teenage werewolves.

We pick up a few months after the events of the season 2 finale. Our favorite gang, Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Scott continue fooling around. This time they have gone to a tattoo shop so Scott can get some tats. Problem is that he heals, so the ‘normal’ method won’t work out. Our other favorite gang, Allison (Crystal Reed) and Lydia (Holland Roden), join the boys when the two sets of friends find their cars next to each other on the road. It was a quirky scene which set a strong tone for the episode: things had changed drastically.

Furthermore, the episode contained some pretty good scenes. How about the twins (from Desperate Housewives) who could fusion into one mega werewolf? Or the glorious return of Derek Hale when he kicked some Alpha ass?! That’s right: a new pack is in Beacon Hills and they’re all Alphas. The question this season isn’t really about what they are doing as we got full coverage from a girl who was a simple plot device: the Alphas are in town because of Scott.

Teen Wolf (1)

Isaac and the mystery girl don’t look too happy…

Scott himself lay low for the most part in this premiere. He had one crazy fight in the elevator (LOL, this show) and most importantly…Scott got a tattoo in the most creative way I have ever seen on television. Normal method doesn’t work out? No problem, let’s use some fire power! Unexpected events like the tattoo one make Teen Wolf look like a crazy fair, but at the same time spice up the characters in terms of dimensionality. Love me some Teen Wolf.

With Colton Haynes gone for Arrow and a fresh group joining, this episode managed to draw lines so as we understand each character’s motives. The only thing I disliked about this premiere was that it didn’t clarify last seasons’s frickin’ Kanima (which I really had to kn0w), so actually season 2 of Teen Wolf was a complete fail, boldly put — that’s for another time.

I will leave you with a few things to note:

  • Mr Argent has turned into one of the good guys now? Doesn’t he have any other crazy family members?
  • Loved how Isaac got more time even though it was just to introduce the new pack.
  • Someone needs to buy shoes for the new pack members, and DID YOU SEE THOSE NAILS?!

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