lammy-11xGreetings. It has been a while since the last time I posted a review or article, but honestly I have had lots of (school and work related) stuff to do, study for and to prepare. I promise to be back soon.. will an all-new concept. One article that is definitely on the agenda will be about HBO’s The Wire. I have found the time to write a critical response on the show’s portrayal of young Afro-American gangsters in Baltimore as a social group. It sounds harder than it really is, trust me. So other than reviews on books, movies and television, you should expect some articles with a more critical tone and approach than the usual.

Also, I wanted to tell you that Elemental Reviews is up for the Best New Lamb category in this year’s Lammy Awards, the official awards of the Large Association of Movie Blogs. I would like to ask for nomination votes since the nomination stage is open until April 3. However, the thing is: only LAMB members can vote.

There are a number of high quality blogs submitted in the same category, so even if Elemental Reviews makes it through the nominations stage it would mean a great deal to me. The very fact that this blog is a potential nominee and has been recognized as such already means a lot.

So LAMB members may vote for a maximum of 5 nominees in each category. Please consider ELEMENTAL REVIEWS, LAMB #1497, for inclusion amongst your 5 nominees. Thank you.


9 thoughts on “#LAMMYS2013

  1. You should go up for best design. Your page is so professional and sleek. Wish I could have of voted for you, but I am not a Lamb member . You deserve an award nevertheless. 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind words! I’m really happy that you like the design. This was my first year, so I will certainly try out the best design category next year! Aw. Thank you!!

      • I’ve seen many blog designs, but it’s very, very rare when I see a page that really captures my attention. I have a simple yet elegant taste in blog pages.

          • Btw, is there a way to add a slider to my current theme (bueno)? There is a way to get rid of my header, but can I do that or do I need to change themes altogether? I like your theme (oxygen), but I’m not too crazy about the width of the white space with my dark background.

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