Batman Begins (2005)


Batman Begins Movie Poster 2

Directed by Christopher Nolan

The legend of Batman and his alter ego Bruce Wayne have been the subject of tons of comics, television series and movies since Bob Kane created the saviour in 1939. Picked up in 2005 is Christopher Nolan’s first original movie in the epic trilogy we later came to know as The Dark Knight. Young Bruce Wayne’s story and his developing character towards the masked hero has been once again described and interpreted in Batman Begins. To people posing the question if that was really necessary considering the four Warner Bros movies before this one I say: Yes, definitely. Nolan’s style is unique in every way.

The story is split in three parts: (1) Bruce Wayne as a kid, (2) the traumatized Bruce Wayne becoming fearless and (3) the Batman as Gotham’s saviour. Throughout these parts Bruce changes significantly from the boy who feared bats into a symbol against crime in the city. It is just amazing how Nolan and Christian Bale, who plays Wayne, have managed to portray this evolution. Wayne goes from zero to hero.

A solid amount of ethics has been injected in the storyline as well. Consequently Batman Begins deals with questions like ‘what is Justice?’ and thereby broadens its scope of only being entertainment for the fans of the comics: everyone will find it interesting to see how the protagonist Bruce Wayne learns to deal with justice in Gotham City.

So there is a strong character development and it doesn’t mean that this movie lack the number of action scenes. Batman’s new nifty gadgets create, when used in action, a tremendous spectacle: you won’t believe your eyes. Not to forget to mention the exciting and suspenseful soundtrack. I got goosebumps.

Because most of the attention goes to the Bat, you might argue that the other characters who have been played by Oscar worthy actors didn’t get the attention they deserve. Especially the female lead role, Rachel Dawes (played by Katie Holmes). It’s not Holmes’s mistakes, but her character has been integrated in the main Bat storyline rather odd. Batman Begins is not about the hero getting the girl nor saving her, with the exception of one scene, but Dawes acts as Batman’s reflective mirror.

One very important factor that makes Batman such an interesting hero to follow is that he is human. I have said this before in my Avengers review when talking about Iron Man. These heroes don’t have superpowers, but have a strong will instead (plus a very detailed and extensive training, plus amazing technology). Anyway, my point here is that all these factors make Bruce Wayne aka Batman a psychologically interesting character to watch too.

Nolan’s Batman Begins is a movie which stays with you for a long time. The young director has accomplished the creation of a solid movie for the big screens: definitely one of the best superhero movies of all time.


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