Iron Man 2 (2010)

Iron Man 2 Movie PosterDirected by Jon Favreau | Year 2010

Also reviewed is Iron Man (2008).

From Marvel Studios, Iron Man 2 is the sequel to the phenomenal superhero movie that premiered in 2008 and immediately received the recognition it deserved. While everyone is looking forward to this year’s premiere of Iron Man 3 (May 3), let’s take a step back and see how well the second movie did.

Superheroes have always been among the hottest topics in Hollywood. Consequently there have been numerous releases on the rise (and fall) of Earth’s mightiest, with The Avengers (2012) being a dream come true for many fans. The list of superhero movies or even the category comic film releases (movies from comics) is so long, I spare you the time. We all know the basics: Hancock, The Dark Knight, Hellboy are some of the many.

In fact it is becoming harder and harder for these kind of movies to succeed. Originality says it all lately, because the movie must be able to offer something new and exciting and step out beyond the usual ‘hero saves the day’-boundary.

Unfortunately, I have to be honest here, Iron Man 2 did not manage to make the best out of an original story. But then: Iron Man is not a superhero as we saw Tony Stark, the eccentric billionaire, confess in the last movie that he is the man in the iron suit. Therefore he does not have to worry about carrying the burden of his secret.

In one way, by making it a non-superhero movie, director Favreau is able to combine the best of many different genres into one. Stark’s story does not need creative storytelling, because everyone cares only about the action scenes packed with pure comics from the characters. It is the way Iron Man profiled itself and this second part picks it up just fine.

However one could see this as weak excuses which ultimately have created a terrible storyline according to many. There are a lot of plotholes and most importantly, this inconsistent storyline has affected the characters as well.

In what way you might ask yourself. For starters Iron Man and Iron Man 2 are basically the same movie as far as character development goes. Tony Stark, the protagonist, does not change a bit on an emotional level. He remains the eccentric billionaire, loves women, is fun, sometimes crazy, is a true American patriot and is determined in his actions. Not only is the lack of character development an issue with Stark, it also plays a role with the main antagonist who is your typical Russian. The crazy accent and the stereotypical look have turned actor Mickey Rourke clearly to the dark side of the story.

Now lacking a good development for the characters doesn’t necessarily make Iron Man 2 a bad movie, but it certainly decreases the value added to the new movie.

But even with this negative aspect, the sequel remains a movie worth watching anytime. Iron Man faces new difficult dilemmas while delivering the funniest one liners. Hands down for the visuals alone which have been the greatest improvement, Iron Man 2 is the right action flick with generally the same strong points and weaknesses as in the first movie. You won’t be disappointed.



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