Taken 2 (2012)

Taken 2 Movie Poster
Directed by Olivier Megaton

Taken 2 is the most unnecessary sequel ever made to a terrible thriller. Perhaps the only good thing is… Liam Neeson’s throwing punches.

In 2008 the first movie was considered and expected to be a B-movie: it was a break for Liam Neeson. But things turned out rather differently. Not only did the movie become a huge success worldwide, it also became a good investment for a sequel to be made. And here we have it.

For the people who haven’t seen Taken yet, the movies are about former CIA agent Bryan Mills. His daughter gets kidnapped and he doesn’t sit still, but tries to locate her daughter. In fact, he kills the whole lot who kidnapped his daughter. Sorry if that’s a spoiler, but Taken 2 is exactly about the same thing: daughter and mother are kidnapped including daddy. But he rescues everyone and kills anyone who stands in his way.

The movie title lacks inspiration just like the storyline. There is no character development at all. The terrorists stay the terrorists, and the family stays the family. I mean, how realistic is the story? It’s not. Being kidnapped and getting rescued afterwards does have its own psychological effects and a bunch of other traumatizing effects.

Moreover the movie is full of obvious flaws. It’s arguably a show case of how to get rescued when kidnapped. First: random sequence of scenes. How does the hero, Bryan Mills, rescue everyone? Step 1: don’t forget to always carry a compact mobile phone with you. As if the bad guys won’t see it. Step 2: talk to your daughter with your hands tied. God save gadgets and man’s endless fantasy. And finally step 3 (only for the daughters): find your dad by looking out for white smoke out of the chimney. No, a new pope hasn’t been elected in Vatican City. Anyhow, it doesn’t matter that you are in Istanbul: the movie makes Istanbul look like the smallest self-proclaimed metropolis in the world. What a bust.

Unbelievably stupid, Taken 2 is the standard Hollywood production of 2012. It’s the direct opposite of Skyfall which also partly took place in Istanbul, but for a 007 picture had way more believable elements. In one sentence: Liam Neeson… wasted. Stay out of the theatres for this one and don’t even bother renting it.


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7 thoughts on “Taken 2 (2012)

  1. Love your blog! keeps me up to date on all things movies!

    Hey man im just started my first blog and am trying to get some traffic can you help? i plan on a daily dose of music with a kickass movie trailer!

  2. It’s a very, very stupid and idiotic movie, but it’s also a bunch of fun especially if you love seeing Neeson in his top, action-like form once again. Good review Niejan.

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