I Am Number Four (2011)

Directed by D.J Caruso

I Am Number Four introduces us to two new species of aliens. The first sort has bald tattooed heads with gills, are dressed in long black coats and like to scare the shit out of human kids. They call themselves Mogadorians. They will remind you of the lost members of a motorcycle club who look forward to going to a heavy metal concert. The Mogadorians hunt the second group of aliens: a group of sexy teens with superpowers. Whether the Mogadorians want them dead because they are jealous is not clear, but they did wipe out their planet. Some of these kids have survived that and have arrived on planet Earth. Apparently these Mogadorians still want them dead.

That is basically what this movie is about. The screenwriters have spent little time on the credibility of the material. Surely this is a novel-based movie, but that doesn’t mean things have to be portrayed like there is a whole imperfect world out there. Believe me, I do appreciate the portrayal of the villains of the story – it’s been done so originally. What makes them weak though is the fact that they are lacking a believable purpose in the storyline. They are predictable and this affects the quality of the movie making it a cheap production.

On top of knowing that the original characters haven’t been developed very well, this is also the case with the sequence of scenes. Honestly to me it looked like I Am Number Four was a copy-paste production of any famous scene out there. Overly used lines like ‘you have no idea what I’m capable of’ and much, much more make it boring to follow the events.

For the kids this is a great movie to watch: the hero saves everyone, loses someone and falls in love with the most beautiful girl. For people who think they have seen enough storylines going down the same path: don’t watch, you will be disappointed. Read the book written by Pittacus Lore [pseud.] instead.



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