Dredd 3D

Dredd 3D Movie Poster

Karl Urban is judge, jury and executioner in the brutal dystopia Dredd 3D. You have been warned, especially if you have a sensitive stomach.

Some people might be familiar with the Dredd story. The movie Judge Dredd premiered in 1995 and starred Sylvester Stallone as the judge himself (‘I am the law!’). Although some things remained untouched, the story has changed incredibly from the ’95 version.

In a dystopian future not the police force but judges fight off the crime. These judges have instant judiciary powers on top of their regular executive powers. That means they are able to carry out their verdict right in action. Obviously this idea has brought many creative possibilities for a twisted storyline.

What makes a good movie? Normally we would name characters and story. But what about a right-to-the-point approach? Dredd 3D has employed this unconventional and risky approach. The danger exists that things get messy really quickly since the movie is very to the point. Fortunately enough this approach has been put into practise very well, thanks to director Pete Travis. Basically Dredd 3D is a good ‘old’ fight with a lot of blood. Great for the ones who like to see some action on their screens, not so great for the sensitive people among us.

Welcome to Mega City One. As the movie starts we have already been sucked into the post-apocalyptic world of Dredd. America has turned into a polluted, unsafe and corrupt city. The rest of the country has been destroyed. Within the walls of Mega City One, only the feared Judges are able to preserve some peace. Their two noticeable options include locking you up in of the so-called IsoCubes or just executing you in front of everyone else. That’s how life goes. The problem really starts when three men are skinned alive and are thrown from the highest floor of a building complex called Peach Trees. The crime carries Ma-Ma’s signature: the psychotic queen of the underworld (the antagonist).

Lena Heady, the wonderfull actress from Game of Thrones, takes up to the role of Ma-Ma. And she is great! She has made a lot of her gangsters addicted to the new drug called Slo-Mo: as the name suggests, things happen really slowly after inhaling it. This new addition causes some real never-seen-before fun: slowmotion action scenes transform the what would have been casual scenes into a real Cirque du Soleil show, of course with the blood!

On the other hand, the protagonist Judge Dredd fights off the criminals inside the building complex with fun but threatening oneliners. His style of ‘handling the situation’ is both fun and terrifying.

Dredd 3D is one chunck of fascinating ‘gun-point-fire’ action scenes glued together by a simple storyline and convincing characters. There is blood everywhere, machine guns anywhere and screaming people going to nowhere.

Rating: B.


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