True Blood Season 5 (Spoilers)

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 Alan Ball

True Blood’s  fifth season already. If you are familiar with the show, then you probably know about its passion when it comes down to blood and sex. There are no boundaries. But honestly there is more to this show and especially this season. Join me and let’s get a closer look at True Blood’s season 5 that closed off with a banging finale.

To those who have never heard the words True Blood, I suggest you do some reading first or just watch five seasons and bookmark this post to read later.

Okay, let’s get serious. Season 4 ended surprisingly good as monseigneur Russel Edgington had been revived and we were introduced to the one and only American Vampire Authority. Now we are at season 5: Eric and Bill decided it was best to finish off the spokesperson of the Authority. They killed the bitch, but they were soon taken into custody. Along the way we get to know some new characters like Nora who is Eric’s lost sister, Salome and Roman who are the semi-religious fanatics of the Authority that swore to protect the blood of Lilith et cetera et cetera.

While this season began with confusion, bringing up religious issues and setting the tone for a possible ideological and racial war between humans and vampires, it ended clearly by making Bill drink the blood of Lilith and design him the villain status. Season 5 was also Alan Ball’s, creator and executive producer, last season.  He certainly made clear how he wanted things to be in True Blood: various storylines running through each other and intercrossing at a final point, some even colliding.

The Adventures of Eric and Bill or should I say Bilith? In the beginning, the relationship between these stunning characters was taken to a new level. I enjoyed seeing Eric and Bill help each other out. So as you can understand, I was devastated when Bill betrayed Eric.

The Rise and Fall of Russel Edgington was definitely a fun storyline to see come true. Russel’s humour cut into all the ‘religious crap of the Authority’. And how he got killed by Eric…gosh..that was one of the most unforgettable scenes. Excellent done.


Jason, Jessica, Hoyt was a storyline to end things for Hoyt only. I guess the producers wanted some left open space to fill in with others. Perhaps more screen time for our scary, idealistic Bilith? Storyline: not special, but it’s goood. Jason and Jessica, frenemy for eternity?

Sookie, Jason, the Faerys and of course Warlow, but that remains for the next season. I think their whole purpose was to again set Jason on the vampire hating path. I hope that’s not going to be the same as before though. And who Warlow is, of course is a secret although there are enough theories.

Tara and Pam: “HA, I KNEW IT” said Jessica. My reaction: big laugh. Never minding the underlying symbolism behind the passionate kiss Pam and Tara shared, but only relieved to see some development there. Something had to happen for Pam since she and Eric had closed off their special maker-progeny bond..So I guess this was the right thing to do. Well, I loved it.

Tara and Pam

The Killed Authority, except Steve Newlin. His character is just too good to die!

Shifters vs Vampire and hategroups. I guess this storyline all intensified the current situation people were in. Some scared and lost while others wanted to protect themselves. So they start shooting vamps and shifters. Random events whose direct purpose was blank, but indirectly contributed to the next season.

Lafayette making drinks, isn’t that what he does best? I like his character but why should he always be in pain? Not some action for him huh?! Disappointing indeed.

Andy and his kiddos was the strangest storyline of all. But it seems to be connected (somehow) to Warlow and Sookie.

Wolves. Starting out with helping Sookie, Eric and Bill find Russel, Alcide, our good friend found himself fighting for the Pack. “We choose Pack”. He reconnected with his father and showed off real chemistry there. Not only did Alcide become the packmaster, he also found new love. Well, things can end well in True Blood. That’s good to know!

Terry‘s story was the least exciting. I do understand that the producers had to do something with characters like Arlene, but why the hell a fire monstor? Couldn’t they just involve the family in some kind of vampire hate group? What they did was to choose for Iraqi Madam who had cursed the family. Plain stupid writing I call that.

As you may notice, True Blood consisted largely from exceptional storylines this season. Ending the season with nearly 5 million people tuning in, this television show from HBO promises to do great things next summer, 2013, for a sixth time. We shall see.


9 thoughts on “True Blood Season 5 (Spoilers)

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  2. I have to say I wasn’t as impressed with Season 5 I think this show goes all over the place sometimes. I really liked the simplicity of the story in Season 1, a vampire falls in love with a human who can read minds… but the show is derived from a set of books that has like 20 novels, so I am sure they are deriving a little of this and that from everywhere. Regardless, I am hooked on that damn show and I can’t wait for Season 6!

    • Season 6 is already out and I think that’s where things turned downhill. The randomness in season 5 is nothing compared to season 6 — the show basically fast forwards. And since season 7 (the upcoming season) will be the last one, my expectations are quite low. Also, with the show’s original showrunner and creator Alan Ball gone, it had been placed into the hands of various showrunners throughout season 6 with each of them doing their own thing. Hopefully, the show will end on a better note — it deserves that after 7 seasons.

      • Ok I messed up!!! I am totally up to date I was thinking you were reviewing Season 6, so now it makes sense. I was reading and thinking too fast. 🙂 I agree then I liked 5, 6 was out there! It was like Warlow, Bill’s crazy powers, vampire jail, people with crazy vampire bullets, Sooki and her fairy land, Eric flying into space. I really really hope it gets better. What do you think happened to Eric?!

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