Directed by Nimród Antal | Year 2007

Vacancy is about Amy (Kate Beckinsale) and David Fox (Luke Wilson): an unhappy couple. One last trip could do, they thought, before signing the divorce papers. Unfortunately, their car gets broken on the way in the middle of the night. Angry, sad and tired the duo decides to spend the night in a faded motel. Then the problems, as any other thriller, really start.

The director clearly understands the fact that not everyone likes to see much blood and therefore leaves very little of the bloody show. Some banging on the doors and disturbing noises, instead, do the work. A very clever technique which rests a strong case against all those horror movies filled with excessive blood and gore.

The acting is just fine. Luke Wilson usually plays in comedies, so you certainly wouldn’t think someone of his character wants to play in thrillers. However, he actually did a good job. Beckinsale has really showed off in this movie too. She’s really done well by giving her character a plausible dose of fear and bringing it beautifully to the big screen.

If we are talking about the villain in this thriller, there are some interesting points. First and foremost, the killers are not to see very clearly. And they say a little as well. Above all, the motives of the slaughterers are unclear and this makes it especially uncomfortable to watch the cat-and-mouse game over and over again.

The soundtrack is fitting. The subtle use of it gives the movie a creepy atmosphere. This makes Vacancy old-fashioned scary which is exactly the right choice to go with.

Vacancy is an entertaining and compelling horror/thriller movie. The running time of 85 minutes is perfectly chosen and shows us once again that less is not necessarily worse. Vacancy is a compact movie where suspense is built in a matter of time. Excellent choice for a Friday evening together with friends.



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