Perfect Sense (2011)

Directed by David Mackenzie

Life can be simple, yet so complicated. We have all seen it, experienced it and we all hate it. But I have to say that our complicated lives exude a certain beauty of its own. And it’s more than a pleasure to see this in movies. Those apocalyptic romantic type of movies let us escape in our own worlds and more importantly, they offer us a good movie night. However, Perfect Sense, a movie directed by David Mackenzie – starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green – interpretates our lives in another fascinating way. This movie is not a hollywood blockbuster, a first billed drama but as critics call it, but an experience to be savored fully.

What sets this film apart is the story. One hell of a story, yes – but the story is deceptively simple. A chef (McGregor) and scientist (Green) fall in love as an epidemic begins to rob people of their sensory perceptions. That’s it. Many critics have commented on the realitity of such an epidemic and why it wasn’t explored well; others have criticized the movie for its simplicity when it comes to love in face of danger.

But I truly do not care about all these things. Those who require every story to have a tidy, forensic resolution, with an indictable perpetrator for every ordeal, on whom they can unleash their outrage in order to achieve so-called ‘closure’, are the victims of their own narrow interpretation.

Just imagine a disease robbing us of our senses. First we would not be able to smell. Panic. But after a while we will find it normal and try rely more on our other senses. But then: taste gone. Now what? And this goes on until the disease robs our most important sense: touch.

Perfect sense can become reality. The great part is how this reality is portrayed into an everlasting romance. Perfect.

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