Fall Premiere Preview – Elementary

“Elementary, my dear Watson”

Sherlock Holmes and Watson are back. This fall, yet again, you can see them for the 317th time on television. But will the CBS remake of this classic stand out? Is it worth your time? Let’s turn our full attention towards Elementary. 

The show is about a recent rehab graduate, Sherlock Holmes, whose job is to solve crimes in New York City accompanied by the lovely Joan Watson. Huh?! Ms Watson?? Indeed, the producers had decided a female version of Watson would create more opportunities. Well, it sounds quite interesting, do you agree?

Elementary stars Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn and Manny Perez. It will air Thursdays at 10PM on CBS.

Happy Ending? – The show’s cast have proven their star power. While ABC cancelled Eli Stone which starred Miller, viewers are in desperate need to watch his next show. The same goes for Liu as she just came off of a fantastic run from Southland last season. This is a promising combination, because of the present chemistry. Both characters can reflect each other: Sherlock’s soft side versus Watson’s soberness. Anyway, some just argue that if Sherlock isn’t played by Benedict Cumberbatch himself the world comes to an end. But hey… at least give Elementary the chance it deserves, because there aren’t a lot of reasons not to check it out!

Watch. I’m not a Sherlock Holmes television fan myself, I’ve only watched the popular movies and I’ve read some of the books (for instance, Hound of the Baskervilles was a good one). However the writing and performances look good on paper. It would surprise me if Elementary won’t become a CBS hit soon.


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