Getting to know each other

Over the past few weeks I have looked into ways to blog – from microblogging to keeping up whole journals, I know them now. Well, actually I am very familiar with (micro)blogging because I’ve had a Tumblr since April 2011. But that was experimental, though I was satisfied with the numbers of visitors I got. However things change rapidly: I saw the efficient, well-trusted, non-corrupt service named Tumblr grow into one of the most disturbing social networks worldwide. How come? If you are familiar with Tumblr then you also might know the enormous stream of teenagers that were somehow suddenly attracted to the service. What you get is an audience only interested in sharing and reblogging pictures of the opposite sex, until they fill up their entire homepage. Proud, they are.

Right. After carefully (no, I’m serious) considering all possible options I landed here. It’s not that there aren’t any WordPress blogs filled with idiotic content. On the contrary, I guess WordPress, which is a way larger platform than Tumblr, contains even more inappropriate and useless content. However (here it comes), there are also a lot more quality blogs, well-kept in place by their owners. And that’s exactly what I like to see: a trusted, strong and tight community.

As my blog title suggests I’ll be mainly blogging about entertainment. There isn’t a particular target audience, read the about section to find out more why this is.

I hope none of my Tumblr followers who are visiting right now have been offended by what I’ve said about the service. As a microblogging tool it just serves fine in expressing my personal and sometimes crazy behaviours, so I will be certainly using it for those kind of things.

For the ones still wondering who I am, does it really matter? If you are really curious, well then.. I am a student who observes and thinks a lot so he can write about it. I live in the Netherlands, but I used to be all over this big world.

In the future I will certainly create a blog on international politics and philosophy. Until that time you should definitely enjoy this one, or visit my other social platforms.


2 thoughts on “Getting to know each other

  1. I’d better make sure I follow your tumblr. And will link to this blog via the blogroll.

    Good luck! Have fun with blogging. I can safely tell you it is pretty frustrating at times.

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